Nut & Bolt Gauges

Nut & Bolt Gauges

This gauge is made of 1/4" hard plastic (very durable).
It's 8-3/4" long & 3-3/8" wide
Measures fractional diameters from #4 up to 1" & fractional nuts from #6 up to 5/8".
Meaures fractional bolts up to 7" long and thread pitch from 10tpi to 40tpi
Measures metric bolts from 3mm to 22mm in diameter & metric lengths up to 180mm.
They are currently available in  Blue & Red.


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Red/White Lettering

StainlessTown red nut bolt gauge

StainlessTown nut bolt gauge


Blue/White Lettering

Nut and Bolt Gauge

Green Nut and Bolt Size Gauge



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